Profile by Sanford comes to Austin

For a long time, medical care in the United States has been about reacting to problems after they’ve happened. But one fantastic organization is working to change that.

Profile by Sanford is a new initiative by Sanford Health to deliver preventative care and chronic disease management to every American. The program is supported by the largest private donation to a medical cause in history.


By focusing on preventative care & chronic disease management, Profile by Sanford aims to address the root cause of many pervasive medical problems. Their plan to grow the program includes partnering with employers like Asterra to provide 1 on 1 health coaching to anyone. Because everyone is different, we all need a personalized approach to health and preventative care. That’s where Profile comes in.


The three main tenants of the Profile Program are Nutrition, Activity and Lifestyle. Each member is assigned an accountability coach that works directly with them on tasks as diverse as grocery shopping, cooking and sleep strategies. Scales come with all memberships that allow you to track a series of metrics in aid of your goals.

The program focuses on eating whole foods as much as possible and avoids fads and nutritional supplements. The first phase of the subscription uses a modified ketogenic diet that provides balanced energy and a simpler approach to weight management.

Why are we working with them? Beyond our role in finding them spaces to operate from, Asterra wants to help Profile improve community healthcare. Working with employers and having multiple users at each company helps sustain good habits for individuals. But there’s also a cool Facebook community for users that provides a wealth of first-hand knowledge.


Throughout 2018, we’ve been assisting Sam and his team at Profile to find the perfect locations in Austin for their Central Texas expansion. Working with businesses that are new to the Austin as tenant reps is an area where Asterra’s commercial team excels.

Tenant Representation is one of the most time-consuming tasks in CRE because it requires matching a building to the exact needs of your client. So, what do you do if the space you need isn’t on the market right now? We go the extra mile by finding opportunities that are either off-market or under-marketed.

To date, we’ve found three locations for Profile. The 1st is in the Arboretum and the 2nd and 3rd are in Cedar Park and Round Rock respectively. They’re also looking at space in Dallas, Houston and every other major city across the US. Profile has big aspirations and we’ve been thrilled to help them fulfill their vision.

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