Project Leasing

Asterra’s core mission centers on the creation and preservation of wealth in its clients’ real estate assets. We accomplish this mission through a combination of unparalleled market knowledge, effective communication skills, and proven marketing strategies.

Our leasing team thrives on an exceptional depth of market insight, allowing us to navigate transactions with a level of understanding that sets us apart. This includes a keen awareness of competitor pricing and incentives, which strengthens our ability to close deals where others may falter.

Effective communication lies at the heart of our success. We prioritize building and nurturing relationships with existing tenants, property ownership, the brokerage community, and our management team. Our ongoing efforts in relationship development ensure positive experiences for all parties involved, leading to higher retention rates, increased lease renewals, and ultimately, enhanced long-term profitability.

Additionally, Asterra’s proactive marketing initiatives play a pivotal role in driving leasing velocity. By focusing on market responsiveness and timely engagement with prospective tenants and brokers, we accelerate transaction closures and streamline processes for all stakeholders. This leasing velocity not only expedites deal flow but also contributes to our clients’ bottom-line profitability.