Project Leasing

Asterra’s primary mission is to create and maintain value in real estate property consistent with our client’s objectives. We succeed accomplishing this mission by relying on uncommon level of market knowledge, effective communication skills, and proven marketing programs.

Asterra’s leasing team thrives on an uncommon level of market knowledge. It is this market knowledge, including understanding our competitor’s pricing and incentives, which enhances our ability to close transactions where others cannot.

We rely on our strong communications skills to build and strengthen relationships with existing tenants, ownership, the brokerage community and our management team. Our constant efforts in developing and maintaining relationships ensure that we can create positive experience for all parties, even where others cannot. These efforts, in turn, ensure higher retention rates, increased renewals, and higher long-term rates.

Finally, Asterra’s active marketing program, which focuses directly on market reaction times and responsiveness to prospective tenants and/or brokers, is paramount in creating leasing velocity. It is the leasing velocity that accelerates the number of closings, enhances the ease with which transactions are closed (for all parties), and ensures our client’s profitability.