Property Management

Asterra’s property management team provides a fully integrated “turnkey” management system delivering actionable insights and measureable results that improves our clients’ competitive advantage in the market. We aggressively administer every management plan to ensure stability and growth in every property we manage. We think common sense should rule; and responsible budgetary practices, proactive management, and frank and courteous communications with owners and tenants make common sense.

We understand the effect that facility management has on the profitability and balance sheet of any project. We create value and generating cash flow through the efficient balance of tenant and owner relations, financial budgeting, expense control, risk management, and consistent oversight of all operational aspects of the property. We will capitalize on every opportunity to increase property values.

Our property managers, certified public accountants, and attorneys have an extensive and diverse background in the real estate and property management fields. These professionals are all actively involved in the oversight, management, and success of every project. With over 80 years of real estate and management experience between them, they have the ability to deal with every aspect of building management, including project and facilities management, construction management, budgeting, maintenance, contract administration and execution, tenant relations, as well as legal and tax matters affecting the property.