Property Management

Asterra’s property management team offers a comprehensive, turnkey management system designed to deliver actionable insights and measurable results, enhancing our clients’ competitive edge in the market. With a proactive approach, we meticulously administer each management plan to ensure stability and growth across every property under our care. Our philosophy is grounded in common sense, emphasizing responsible budgeting practices, proactive management strategies, and transparent, and courteous communication with both owners and tenants.

We recognize the profound impact facility management has on the profitability and financial health of any project. By efficiently balancing tenant and owner relations, implementing strategic financial budgeting, exercising expense control measures, mitigating risks, and providing consistent oversight of all operational aspects, we consistently create value and generate cash flow for our clients. We seize every opportunity to enhance property values and maximize returns.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals including property managers, certified public accountants, and attorneys, each boasting extensive and diverse backgrounds in real estate and property management. Actively engaged in overseeing and managing every project, our experts collectively possess over one hundred sixty (160) years of experience. Their expertise spans various facets of building management, encompassing project and facilities management, construction oversight, budgeting, maintenance, contract administration, and tenant relations affecting the property.