Karen Rutledge

Karen holds the position of Associate, REALTOR® specializing in landlord representation and residential home listing/buyer services at Asterra Properties. Karen began her career at Asterra in 2016 serving as our Marketing Manager.

After over a decade as a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer and Small Business Development Officer for Chase Mortgage and Union Bank of California, Karen transitioned into commercial real estate after focusing on residential real estate as a transaction coordinator. Her work coordinating multiple party deals and the attention to detail forged by working with underwriters and large financial institutions have given her invaluable skills in taking care of both our clients’ goals and ensuring our transactions move forward in the smoothest possible manner.

Karen’s prior experience, strong organizational skills, analytical know-how, attention to detail, and relational management foundation have been great assets in her venture into commercial real estate.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas, Magna Cum Laude graduate.

Karen Rutledge