Liz Broussard

Liz joined Asterra in 2017, as a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, which has been a highly valuable skill, backed by over 40 years of full cycle accounting, including construction accounting, which has enabled her to effectively manage clients with construction in progress, as well as the day to day operations. She brought a deep comprehension of accounting principles, best practices and a” can do attitude” that has made her invaluable to both our property management team, as well as our property owners.

She oversees the day to day operations of our accounting department, as well as collecting, analyzing and coordinating with our property managers, and building engineers to create yearly budgets for each property. Liz has implemented policies and procedures that the Asterra Accounting team utilizes monthly to create accurate financial reporting. Liz reconciles all operating expenses by property to reconcile our budget vs actual expenses each year. She has been instrumental in creating policies and procedures for our accounting department, to create custom made financial reports to each client. Liz is responsible for onboarding new clients, working to ensure each client receives Financial Data for their own needs each month. Liz reviews and conducts audits of all financial data that our accounting team produces each month for our clients to ensure accuracy.

Liz came to Asterra after successfully starting and running two dot.coms and a retail store she founded for nearly 20 years, working both in the CFO role, as well as marketer, web designer and much more. Liz worked in the real estate industry for both builders and financial institutions prior to selling her dot.coms

Liz Broussard

Accounting Director

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